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Rosa’s Healing Touch Massage is a space that always embraces tolerance for difference and acceptance whenever possible within the spaces of my ongoing practice.  I do this work because it is my calling and I am passionate about serving populations that do not normally have access to massage therapy that feels safe and competent.  Some of my foundational values include (but are not limited to): trauma-informed care, anti-racist, ethnic and culturally diverse as much as possible, gender-affirming, anti-ableism, anti-ageist, family friendly, neurodiversity, disease, chronic pain and/or mysterious health issues. I am always on a journey to learn more and for us both to feel better, so if there is anything I say/do that doesn't live up to my values, call me out.  I aspire to create a deliberative space to learn about each other’s needs, even when different oppressed communities have needs that may seem initially at odds.  This process is messy and no one is perfect. When my health status can impact your licensed massage therapy, I will inform you of any pertinent news. Examples include viral exposure, debilitating neuropathic pain flares, or physical injuries that limit my ability to work. Likewise, as a space of care and therapeutic massage therapy, I have tolerance for those that are learning to be better.  That does not mean I will ever tolerate deliberate manipulation, abuse or violation of this space.